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Muriel Grossmann's album from 2016 "Natural Time" released for the first time on a black 2LP with a thick old style tip-on gatefold outer sleeve on her own imprint Dreamlandrecords and distributed by RR Gems. This record marked a beginning for her in terms of direction and it includes a bonus composition "Inner Fire '' recorded especially for the vinyl release. Available only in a physical format.

"As we began this task, we realised that we would need another song to fit in with the vinyl format. This compelled me to imagine how I could add something worthy to a record that is a complete journey in itself f rom beginning to end. As it turned out, composing and recording the extra track went as smooth as honey and I hope that you all enjoy this additional piece of music. I believe it adds an interesting twist and perhaps suggests what is yet to come. I am very thankful for this opportunity. I also want to give thanks to all you wonderful listeners and supporters for staying with us all this time. You are the reason we pour our hearts into this music." - Muriel, September 2021, Ibiza. Edition of 1500 ex.

released November 2, 2021

Muriel Grossmann saxophones
Radomir Milojkovic guitar
Gina Schwarz bass
Uros Stamenkovic drums

Released by Dreamlandrecords ℗ © November 2, 2021. DR10821 Distributed by RR Gems Records