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Mike Bandoni "Lost Communication" LP

A1: Event Horizon Approach (6:01)
A2: Arrival (6:07)
A3: The Long Nap (6:14)

A concept EP based on a journey into interstellar space and on towards a super massive black hole. A discovery mission in alien territory fraught with lost communication.....

B1: Something Wonderful (5:36)
B2: Gamma Ray Burst (3:37)
B3: It Might Be OK (3:36)

As the interstellar mission draws to a close, it is time for the journey home. Along with our new-found knowledge, there is a foundation-shaking story to tell the rest of humanity and tell them, we must, as we have been told. Gamma ray bursts and the wonder of the universe zoom by at a journey approaching near light speed but what are we returning home to?

A blend of heavy and funky organic drums fused with cosmic textures. Like Funkshone, the groove is strong, the sounds are sweet and the vibe is a fusion of all things great from 1970 to the present day! Plug in your headphones or fire up the sound system and soak it up!

Composed, Performed, Produced and Mixed by Mike Bandoni

Mastered by Jörgen Hermaste