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Official release date = October 17, 2022

Suddenly, you wake from a hazy dream to find yourself approaching a beautiful, enchanting, albeit decomposing Estonian mõis.
The rich colors of the stucco exterior have begun to fade, and the gabled roof has lost a few porcelain tiles, which lie cracked around the path you walk towards an ornate front door, suddenly ajar. There is a sound drifting from within, and after entering, you notice that a band has arranged itself in a circle in the grand ballroom.
Crisp, afternoon sunlight streaks in through baroque window treatments, illuminating dust that falls from the burgundy and gold velvet curtains with each pulsing, hypnotic loop of a rhythm section.
At the center of the ensemble, which consists of percussionists, woodwinds, and brass, is a wild-eyed gentleman, surrounded by a web of instruments. You fall slowly to the floor and stare up at the clouds on the hand-painted ceiling, as the band continues to perform mesmerizing vignettes that draw equally from the astral jazz of Coltrane, Sanders and Sun Ra, the minimalist repetition of early Terry Riley, and the hairy, kaleidoscopic library stylings of Alessandroni.
A woman walks over, leans down, and whispers into your ear. Stay as long as you wish, she says. Dissolve into the momentum, and feel free to invite your friends the next time.

Mostly recorded in February 2022 at Tallinn’s Arts Academy basement and different travels to Berlin , London , NYC and Madeira, this album has a nice LO-FI flavour, and take us back to the basement jazz sessions and private press records from back in the days, without losing Misha´s characteristic sound . Accompanied by a quintet , the Estonian artist presents an album mainly working on the idea of blending jazz with minimalist and repetitive patterns to be able to focus on little nuances of the music. In the words of Misha "When the music consists of repetitive moments the listener has more time to focus on patterns (that can play with his mind). On "Momentum" it's framed into jazz rhythms and spiced with solos, to make it more accessible. It's a fantasy album ,I wanted it to sound earthy and far out at the same time"

Leonid Galaganov : Drums, Percussion.
Madis Katkosilt : Bongos, Percussion.
Aleksei Semenihhin : Percussion, Claps.
Sasha Petrov : Baritone & Tenor Saxophones.
Ilja Gussarov: Flute, Alto Recorder.
Misha Panfilov : Piano, Wurlitzer, Synthesizers, Organ, Mellotron, Electric Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Xylophone, Waterphone, Percussion, Claps, Harmony Vocals, Madeira Field Recording.

Composed by Misha Panfilov

Mastering by Nene Baratto at Morphine Raum, Berlin.

Recorded February - March 2022