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Title: Vibration!
Artist: Ryan Jewell Quintet Catalogue #: TR004 Release date: 6/28/19
Vibration! is the new release by The Ryan Jewell Quintet. A veteran of numerous creative music fields, Jewell has performed with artists as varied as C. Spencer Yeh, Douglas Ewart, Circuit des Yeux, Andrew Lamb, Chris Gantry, Tom Abbs, Chris Forsyth/Solar Motel Band, Ryley Walker, Olden Yolk, Jack Wright, David Grubbs and many others. Vibration!, however, is Jewell’s first release as a band leader with an ensemble dedicated to his original music.
The detailed and varied compositions on Vibration! reflect the wide range of Jewell’s musical experiences and interests- including work in improvised music, sound- art, electronic music, free-jazz, experimental music and the creative end of Indie-rock.Vibration! Is a set of tightly composed music for jazz instrumentation that often opens up into swinging, fiery improvisations or luxuriates in textured minimalist atmospheres. The Quintet features Columbus, Ohio musicians John Philip Allen (double-bass), Alex Burgoyne (alto sax), Abhilasha Jayanthi (guitar), and Caleb Miller (piano/keys), whose intense dedication to the music gives this debut recording the snapping confidence of a long- established group.
Side 1:
Laser Tag 5:44 Row 1 7:32 24 Instructions 6:05
Side 2:
Gyill 8:21
Cycle- Trinosophes Breakfast (Muesli with Chocolate Mint) 5:30 Green Tea and White Wine in Plastic Cups 6:45
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