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Thollem and Clem Fortuna
“Your Letter Must Have Followed Me Around the World”

Your Letter Must Have Followed Me Around the World
is a remarkable recording that brings noted improviser, composer and pianist Thollem (aka Thollem McDonas) into the microtonal world of composer/musician Clem Fortuna. A work of unflinching contemporary art music, this recording applies Thollem’s prodigious pianistic skill to four pieces on four different pianos, each set in a unique microtonal tuning devised by Fortuna. The final track features Fortuna on live tuning adjustments during Thollem’s performance.
Thollem has performed with a staggering array of artists in creative music, including Pauline Oliveros, Nels Cline, William Parker, Michael Wimberly, Jad Fair, Mike Watt, Faruq Z. Bey etc. He has released more than 60 recordings on vanguard labels such as Relative Pitch, Leo, Porter, ESP-disk, Pax, Creative Sources, Amirani, Saravah, Die Schachtel, Post-Consumer, Union
Pole Tapes, Thick Syrup, Setola Di Maiale, Wild Silence, Psychic Sounds, New Atlantis and Roaratorio. Although less known internationally, Fortuna’s profile is most noted microtonal circles and in hist hometown of Detroit, where he has been a fixture of the creative music scene for decades, leading microtonal ensembles and releasing local boutique label LPs and CDs.
Jacket includes performance notes and tuning system explanation.

Side 1
1. Overtone/Undertone 2. Golden Meantone

Side 2
1. Twelve Primes
2. Ten Tone Equal Temperament