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“Seven Thousand Year Plan”

Seven Thousand Year Plan is the second LP release by the experimental synth duo Viands. A continuously performed journey of musical metamorphosis, this instrumental album refines the approach of Viands’ lauded first release, Temporal Relics (Midwich, Chicago), which drew favorable comparisons to classic recordings by Edgar Froese, Klaus Schultz, Cluster etc. However, Viands’ sound is clearly the result of the member’s own musical voices and not an attempt to imitate the stylings of any precursor.
Combining distinct thematic material with atmospheric ambience and more aleatory elements generated from modular synths, Viands creates a new sonic world every time it performs or records. The music unfolds in real time without the use of computers or automated tracks, but played on various analogue, keyed synthesizers, modular synth, Fender Rhodes Piano, organ etc,
Viands was founded by two well-known figures of Detroit music: David Shettler (Moon Pool Dead Band, Lyrans, Rodriguez) and Joel Peterson (Chatoyant, Spectrum 3, Faruq Z. Bey Quartet, Scavenger Quartet, Immigrant Suns). Both are multi-instrumentalists that work in a range of genres, which has nurtured their ability to re-invent Viands’ material in each performance.

Side 1
The Gifting of VA/243

Side 2
Set Adrift / Celestial Companions