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A1. Mudflow
A2. Sorcerer
B1. Obsession
B2. A Mountain Pass
B3. Summer Rain (Lullaby for Christina)

Up until recently, the general understanding was that the self-titled album by Boomerang, as well as "Ornament" and "Mirage", were the only remaining recordings of the ensemble. But what a surprise it was when, lo and behold, in the archives of the Estonian State Radio Company we had managed to find tapes of live jazz festival perfomances from the 80's! These cuts were made by the legendary Estonian sound engineer Mati Braurer and his mobile team. On carefully preserved tapes, in addition to the recordings of Boomerang, part of which we were hardly familiar with.

It took a fairly large amount of time to restore the chronology of these recordings, the correct names of compositions and names of composers themselves. We couldn't have done it without help from the ensemble's original members - Yuri Parfenov and Farkhat Ibragimov. After giving a listen to the recordings we had found, the musicians took a short break, and then got back to us with the most enthusiastic comments: "This is beyond belief! These plays were never recorded in studios! They would only be performed live at festivals! We couldn't have imagined that someday we would hear them again!" It was truly a miracle to be lucky to find a well-hidden and, most importantly, a perfectly preserved treasure - the forgotten recordings of the jazz-fusion Boomerang ensemble, which we are happy to present to you!