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A1. Golden Eagle Flight
A2. Miracle Shop
B1. Mirage

"Mirage" is the third and final LP of the Boomerang ensemble. It completes the imaginary musical trilogy of the band, when the mood had been originally set and themes created by musicians in their self-titled debut. This approach was further developed on "Ornament" record.

We present to you three lengthy instrumental pieces, which constitute a stand alone chapter in the musical journey across the splendor of Central Asian ethnic vastitudes. Courtesy of crafty and skillful meditative musicianship, tuneful and rhythmical soundscapes shape up images of a bird's epic and proud-spirited soaring high up in the mounainous sky, a bustling and multicolored Oriental bazaar, a weary caravan beaten by the sun and thirst, which (not without hope and daydreaming) humbly continues with its long and exhausting journey. The harmony of electronic and Estern musical instruments, masterful percussions and dizzying keyboards create some kind of an apogee, where the band reaches its climax.