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A1. Seven Rivers
A2. Haytarma
A3. Madras
B1. Dervish
B2. Pagoda "Paya"

The self-titled album, also known as "Seven Rivers", according to the name of the main track, is the full-lenght debut of Boomerang, it is a magnificent example of thoughtful and meditative jazz.

On the first spin, this LP may come across as a bit airy and even slightly prolonged. No wonder, they say, that first impressions are often misleading. And, sure enough, such an assumption holds true in our case - this recording rquires a more attentive and focused approach to listening. And only when adhering to this prerequisite, will the audience unveil the brilliance of the album's delicate oriental soundscapes and swirling fusion elements bordering ethnic melodies, skilfully created by these talented professional musicians. This album is for true connoisseurs of refined jazz.