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JJ Whitefield "Puzzled" LP

A1: Dawn Of Delphi - 3:59
A2: Raised With Fire - 2:14
A3: Flute Punch - 2:44
A4: Hyperion - 2:04
A5: Comin' At Ya - 3:44
A6: 3mal3 - 2:23
A7: Bin Dippers - 2:17
B1: No-Mo-Woa - 2:40
B2: Mukōgawa - 2:38
B3: Holy Daze - 1:19
B4: Wellness - 4:54
B5: Amok Koma - 4:10
B6: Ad Acta - 2:58

Broc Recordz is proud to announce the album "Puzzled" by the legendary JJ Whitefield, you'll immerse yourself in the enigmatic universe of this master of funk and psychedelism.

Across 13 tracks,with The Cover Made by Jason Jagel (creator of the artwork of Doomsday, MM Food ) you will discover all facets of this musician hailing from Munich, ranging from raw funk to krautrock.

JJ Whitefield is an iconic figure in the music scene, having played an essential role in diverse projects such as the mastermind behind Poets Of Rhythm, Karl Hector, the Whitefield Brothers and in the recent careers of Ebo Taylor, Embryo and Witch. "Puzzled" is the perfect opportunity to delve into his unique musical world.