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SHOLTO "The Changing Tides Of Dreams" LP

A1: The Changing Tides Of Dreams
A2: Vampire
A3: Twin Flames
A4: Lucid State
A5: The Pleasure Principle
A6: Over The Sky

B1: Honey & Wine
B2: Paulette
B3: Theme For Nikki
B4: Bash's Theme
B5: Stealing Moments
B6: Seed
B7: Tides (Reprise)
B8: The Pearl That Glitters

Oscar “SHOLTO” Robertson is a drummer, instrumentalist, producer & composer based in London. Growing up with a love for jazz, soul, kraut, and 60s & 70s soundtracks, his music expresses a warm array of colours, analogue instrumental grooves and euphoric sentimentality. His music career began in 2013, when a record deal took him to LA, leading to him working with producers like Nick Waterhouse (Allah-Las) before returning to the UK and collaborating with the likes of Inflo (Cleo Sol), and Dan Carey (Wet Leg, Squid).

“The Changing Tides Of Dreams” refers to the way our lives and selves are constantly transforming, learning and growing; never fully sculpted or content. Written during a time of personal transformation for SHOTLO, the project balances unapologetic ethereal textures with a deep sense of nostalgia and longing, drawing on disciplines from the world of film & classical music, as well as jazz and experimental arrangement techniques.

“I wanted the music to reflect welcoming of new dreams, or departures of previous ones, letting go of old ways to navigate the challenges life can present with a sense of calmness. Ultimately, I also wanted to make something pretty – I’d made lots of louder angrier music when I was younger, but allowing myself to make something more delicate meant more to me than anything had before.” -SHOLTO