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Angelo Outlaw
"Axis Of Time" LP

Side A:
1- "Free My Mind" (4:07)
2- "Speed Of Light" (3:55)
3- "10th Wonder" (3:35)
4- "Loose Reality" (3:31)
5- "Diamonds" (2:59)
6- "Dreams" (2:15)

Side B:
1- "Cosmic Storm" (2:46)
2- "Time Traveler" (4:48)
3- "Silent Horizon" (3:59)
4- "Invisible Clock" (3:23)
5- "Memories" (1:31)

Axis of Time is the stunning debut album from Philadelphia mallet percussionist and poet Angelo Outlaw. Featuring Eraserhood Sound’s signature synth & soul production, Axis of Time is a dazzling blend of jazz, rare groove, funk, soul and r&b.

According to Outlaw, the album is meant to transport the listener to a dream-like state, where space and time slowly fade away and reality is merely a distant memory. Each song sets a unique scene, as the pace of the music swells and sways…from the euphoric highs of lead single “Free My Mind”and uninhibited groove of “Speed of Light” to the trance-like meditation of “Dreams” and mournful melodies of “Invisible Clock,” Angelo and the Eraserhood Sound house band truly go to the cosmos and back.

The record is an extraordinary debut from Outlaw, a young gay Black man who hopes to serve as an inspiration to others who might be perceived as different or other. His work transcends race, creed, religion, and politics, and has the power to speak to the universality of time, space, and human connection.


Released March 15, 2024

Written by Angelo Outlaw, Vincent John, Maxwell Perla
Written by Angelo Outlaw, Vincent John, Maxwell Perla, Dan Scott (Tracks 7,8)

Angelo Outlaw - Vibraphone, Marimba, Chimes, Spoken Word
Vincent John - Bass, Guitar, Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals
Maxwell Perla - Drums, Percussion, Conga, Vocals
Turquoise Cobb - Vocals (Tracks 1,8)
Ron Aikens - Vocals (Track 1)
Ky - Vocals (Track 5)
Widow Winslow - Vocals (Track 5)
Dan Scott Forreal - Guitar (Track 7)
Christine Elise - Harp (Tracks 1,4,6,11)
Ron Kerber - Flute (Tracks 2,3,6)
Michael Buckley - Flute (Track 8)

Produced by Eraserhood Sound
Mixed by Eraserhood Sound
Mixed by Andrew Torre (Tracks 8,9)
Recording Engineers - Vincent John, Maxwell Perla
Mastered by Ryan Schwabe
Art Design by Jeff “Dynamite” Silverman
Photography by Louie Kovach
Styled by Rooney Roark
An Eraserhood Sound Production