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There is a general belief, that the Surviving Master Tapes from the sound recording studio of the Soviet giant «Melodiya» Label is a myth. (More so, this myth pertains to the label’s republican divisions.) This is partially true, but not in the case of Leonid Atabekov, the leader of «SATO» Ensemble. During the last days of Soviet Union’s collapse, he showed up at the studio’s doorstep and bought out master tapes of the original recordings of his two albums – «Efsane» and «Pass Around the Good». Since then he has treasured this purchase. Thanks to the owner’s safekeeping, these master tapes were identified on the insert’s photo, thus enabling us to prepare the first official re-issue of this Oriental Jazz pearl of the Soviet era – «Efsane» LP, the title of which means «Legend» in Uzbek language.

LISTEN -> soundcloud.com/user-43306525/a3-sato-boyna-sg028


A1. Кызыкчыклар | Kizilchiklar
A2. Легенда | Legend
A3. Бойна | Boyna

B1. Парафраз на темы «Арабалар» и «Хоро» | Paraphrazes of «Arabalar» and «Horo»
B2. Танец Гульмиры | Gulmira's Dance
B3. Тым-Тым | Tym-Tym

The reissue prepared on classic black 140gr vinyl in a full-color updated cover, and also contains extensive liner notes with archive photos of the band in both English and Russian languages. Mastered from the original master tapes.