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(MD45-002) *** LOW STOCK***

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Funkool Orchestra

SIDE A: Maledetta Discoteca (4:03)
SIDE B: Tiene 'O Tiempo (4:01)

With proud and joy here we are with our new 7", a double-sider with an infectious groove and a guaranteed dancefloor appeal, strictly from the city of Naples.

"Maledetta Discoteca"
Our idea was to create an anthem, a theme song or – as we say in Italian - a “Sigla”, as it was done in the 70’s.
The inspiration was taken just looking through our 7" vinyls. Many of them were in fact theme songs from Tv Shows or Radio Station Shows: it was very common during that historical period and most of the time these anthems were super funky, disco and groovy as we like the most.
The lyrics? Of course they are dedicated to that magic room that was and still is the disco club, La Discoteca. Simply, one of the best places ever created to fall in love! In love with a record, a boy, a girl or your best friend sometimes. A dreamy place you would never want to leave.
So, why not? We decided to stay inside la Discoteca forever, creating this super-hot “Maledetta Discoteca anthem” to dance our ass off!
And yes, we did it!

“Tien o’ Tiempo”
The flip side nonetheless is a groovy number, Afro rhythm and that Funky Nassau flavour that always delivers good feelings and will have your foot tapping for weeks!
It’s another dancefloor winnner!

Valentina Conte - Voce
Aurora Arenare - Voce
Pask Napoletano - Voce
Mario Tammaro - Trombone
Riccardo Colicchio - Sassofoni
Adriano Rubino - Tromba
Enrico Pizzuti - Chitarra
Mattia Leone - Tastiere
Dario "Pezz" Gessato - Basso
Antonio De Luca - Batteria
Paolo "Batà" Bianconcini - Percussioni

Registrato, mixato e masterizzato da Fabrizio Piccolo presso Auditorium Novecento (Napoli)