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(APDLT020) ***LOW STOCK***


1. Silk and Gunpowder (feat. Yael Lavie) 03:49
2. Our Tin Can Rocket 03:34

Following the last year's highly-acclaimed 45 by Oregano, Shay Landa and Markey Funk return to Delights with a new way-out collaboration!

The In Sound Company is a result of another spontaneous session at Toybear Studio, where the two were joined by the Tel Aviv-Haifa power duo Left on guitar and drums to further explore the realms of psychsploitation grooves. "Silk and Gunpowder" is a mesmerizing eastern-flavoured trip led by Yael Lavie (Leviot, Spiritczualic Enhancement Center) on the kanun. On the flipside, the company welcomes Project Gemini's Paul Osborne on bass for the wild upbeat cut "Our Tin Can Rocket", which blasts off to the outer space fuelled by Landa's mind-blowing collection of vintage keyboards.