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(APDLT019) ***LOW STOCK***

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1.Der Maulwurf 04:09
2.Eolomea 02:59

The Haifa-Jerusalem duo SimfOnyx is smashing the door open into 2022 with a new double-sider on Delights label.

This time, Shuzin and Markey Funk have turned to the East German genre cinema for inspiration. Given an opportunity of a two-day residency at Mazkeka Studios in Jerusalem, the two, with technical assistance from Ori Kadishay, have utilized nearly every instrument or piece of gear in sight. Like with their debut release, each side represents a different mood and theme: Der Maulwurf (The Mole) is a drum-heavy crime funk banger, while Eolomea is a melancholic space age slow-burner, floating gently towards a mysterious planet.